I’m driving on a superhighway bridge in a place I do not know. I’m with my mom and a friend in the small lightweight red truck that belongs to my ex-husband.  I cant control the truck – things keep going upside down –  i cant see the road-  i’m barely keeping it together. My mom makes a comment and i just flip the steering wheel and we go into a long slo mo crash. I wake up in the hospital bandaged injured, tubes down my throat…..don’t know how long i was out. Nobody died.

I go to Capitol Hill to a small bar/theather where Heather is doing some performance art pieces.  There are other performers too. Tessa and some others are there sitting at a table with me but they talk through Heather’s performance so tell them to shut up and they leave me bandaged and alone. Adrian Grenier (Vincent from Entourage) takes me in his arms and starts telling me about this mind control thing that goes on in the theater and also that we have been lovers.  Suposedly my memory was erased so i could be reprogrammed.  But i remember stuff just not the stuff about whats been happening to me in the clinic/theather.

Someone finds out that I still have memory.  They torture me with questions, make me watch a girl make a complex salad and i have to act out the scene like she’s my lover and she’s making me this special sald and i have to convince her how much i love the salad. I say “ooohhh those eggplants are really phallic”…. then the head doctor comes and grills me with questions to see how much i know. I can’t decide if I should act like I know the answers to the questions or not since I don’t know what i’m supposed to remember in my “new brain”….they are killing anyone who might have helped me remember. They kill them in bizarre ways like with white snakes that envelope them and absorb them.

They inject me with drugs that affect me like LSD. I’m tripping and I keep trying to run away. I am wearing Adrian’s clothes which confused me at first till he told me it was because we were lovers and he put them on me .

In an effort to further torture me, the head doctor sets off a bunch of white balloons and they are morphing and blobbing around and i see people and things inside them coming at me. One person inside i think is my dead dad but it turned out it wasn’t him anyway.  The doc asks me “what is “Harry’s Cat”?  I know it was a book/movie but i deny it then i say oh yeah a movie but i never saw it. He says “you’re lying because you have recently been shown it. ” As they’re restraining me grilling me with these questions I look down and notice there is a random guy under my garments having sex with me. I am like “who the hell is that?” But I am kind of enjoying it.

I keep trying to run away and find Adrian to warn him.  A co-worker Deb is in the kitchen complaining about some extra shelves in the fridge so i go in and tell her i know who did it and she just ignores me and walks out in disgust so i break into a broadway style song about “deb now you can tell me how you always hated me and i always hated you too…. deb you always thought i was a slut  – i always thought you were a poo…”  the audience loves it.  I’m still in bandages and hospital clothes or Adrian’s clothes and tripping my brains out. The crowd is applauding.

I wake up.