i get this one a lot. i’m at work in the library and i am trying answer a detailed question for a man who wants to know what to do when someone dies in North Dakota. I’m asking him do you mean emotionally or legally or funeral wise or what? He wants the probate kind of info. They are remodeling the library so everything’s all fucked up and the keyboard on my computer is missing about 2/3 of the keys so I am having a really hard time with this question. In the meantime, the staff is putting together a big lunch and they’re way too busy to notice my dilemma. I finally get all huffy with Guzman, the lead clerk, and he comes out to try and find me another keyboard.

The lunch is a huge spread of international type food and I really want some but I have some gum in my mouth. This is the recurring part of the dream. The gum is all stuck in my throat, in my teeth, I’m trying to pull it out but it just keeps coming. I cannot get it out and I’m choking on it. I go in the bathroom and I’m pulling it out of my mouth but its a continuous glob of gum. I never completely get it out. By the time I have most of it out the lunch is over and all the food is gone. Another librarian is warning me that my job is about to be put in to “non-guaranteed” status. To get back to the library from where the luncheon was being held I have to walk over scaffolding in the construction zone. I almost fall to my death but somehow make it over. Still I can’t find the library. That’s all I can remember.

The gum choking me is what I will refer to as Recurring Dream #1. Is it so obvious?