Liz Wong, illustrator

So cute. A mommy dog and her pup were in the hotel at the beach where I was staying. Or at least I thought I was staying there. I was looking for my friends but couldn’t find them. We were at the beach and my friend Beth’s sister Linda said just stay in my place (rather than the hotel we had checked into) so at Linda’s place there was everything you could want but in particular there was bourbon, valium (HUGE valium), and a giant drawer filled with nothing but Q-Tips. My boyfriend and his kids were there except instead of just his two daughters he had 6 sons as well and few extra daughters. Some I liked …. others just hated me. There was stress because of the kids so I just kept drinking the bourbon and taking the valium. I was saying to myself “it’s always been this way. I’m always the outsider that nobody likes. Everyone gets along but nobody likes me”. I lost track of my friends and went back to the original hotel where I thought we had checked in but couldn’t remember where it was or what room we were in but I went into this one hotel and there was the Great Dane with her pup in the hallway. She was a beautiful silky gray with neon pink spots. Incredible.