I was watching T’s (da boy’s) retarded cousin, kind of a fat gross middle aged dude, and he peed on my floor and when i went to talk to him about it he had on these long underwear but he had a HUGE erection.. HUGE. His name was Max. I was on the phone with T while it was all happening and I was screaming “oh my god, oh my god” but we lost the connection

I had been calling him Carl by mistake so when I told T Carl peed on the floor he didn’t get who i was talking about at first. So I’m like “is his name Max? I’ve been calling him Carl”….. He was some relation to T, maybe not a cousin. I don’t know. And I was all like “I don’t know what it is about me that makes people keep doing this” because apparently in addition to my dachshund, others had been peeing all over my house.

Then I was on the street outside the house (which was my grandma’s house) and my mom was next to me on one of those reclining lawn chairs. She was drunk out of her mind. There were all these gangsters around on the street and in their trucks and they were having sex right out in the open. One of them was going to mess me up but then realized I wasn’t who she thought I was so she told me to go home. I went home and left my mother on the lawn chair. There was a strange old lady at the house who had been called in to look after my daughter. I had no idea who she was but she was at first a small little doll and then she morphed into a regular size person who I definitely did NOT like. She was scolding me for not walking my daughter to the bus stop in the mornings. She was apparently there at the behest of my mother who had disappeared by this point. I asked her if my mom was in rehab and she said no, she had to go see Victor. I was like “who the hell is Victor?” and the lady (now a nice black lady) said well I was with him for a while but your mom needed to be with him now. I don’t know who the hell Victor is.

mostly my dreams have not been that great lately because of my intense alcohol consumption