This is an abbreviated version of my mid-morning dream. I’m back at home and my sister Susan is there with her girlfriend (she’s now a lesbian… very cute and young, not the old conservative lady that she is in reality) and they’re on the couch having fun. I am obsessed with cleaning the house – it’s a total disaster .. so i go in and ask them to help.. just clean the “banquette”…. whatever…

In the room where they are my sister has a Tiffany lamp and the top part is really a little donkey and the little donkey can’t keep standing up, it’s little legs keep buckling under and i’m afraid they’re going to break right off… she tells me the donkey spent the entire summer on the farm leaning on the garden gate.. he’ll be okay…. I start to cry because he is so sweet and sad….

Earlier in the dream I was at the library trying to help an old lady check out and trying to log on to the computer without success ( a recurring theme) … I was bitching everybody out…. an old boyfriend from high school appeared… now working at the library .. Randy Hudson.. he looked just like he did in high school…. there was a big stage and we were playing guitar hero with a screen that was the size of a huge movie theater screen….   then there was an exercise class where everyone wore really funky clothes and I was sticking straight pins in elaborate patterned designs on my legs and feet. But the straight pins started to fall out so I had to take them all out. There was no pain until I had to take them out….  there were thousands of them….  i couldn’t contain them from spilling all over the carpet everywhere… i kept trying to pick them up ….  they looked really cool when they were in my legs and feet…. 

perhaps i’m onto something…..