This one has me feeling like some serious psych help is needed. Too detailed and disgusting to give the whole story. Rainn Wilson starring in a tale of murder, incest and animal abuse. Sometimes I am Rainn, sometimes I am a casual observer. Mostly a casual observer watching the movie. A Stephen King on acid with some Charlie Manson thrown in kind of movie. In fact Rainn does mention Charlie Manson at one point in the dream. Basically Rainn plays the part of ______ (can’t remember name) who lives with his murderous parents and has an incestuous relationship with his abusive mother, played by some fairly attractive middle aged actress. But there are the actors and there are the real people they are portraying in the movie. So it’s real. The real people are not nearly as attractive as the actors playing them. A complicated plot involving leaving the hinterlands of Alaska where they escaped to after the trial where Rainn was found guilty of child molestation, to return to the city where the trial was and exact their revenge. Incest thrown in for good measure all along the way. Graphic. Disturbing. All three of these family members, mother, father and  son Rainn are psycho killers. Rainn cannot be trusted around any human, but mostly little boys. And kittens. The looming threat of kitten abuse was prevalent throughout the psycho-drama. Fortunately, no kittens were ever harmed. The same cannot be said for MY psyche which is damaged and stunned upon awakening. I’m scared. My head hurts. I feel injured.