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Last night I dreamed everyone was trying to kill me. I woke up screaming so loud my child was awakened from her bedroom down the hall and she had to get up to wake me up and assure me I was dreaming. Every time I returned to sleep, scared as shit, the dream picked right up again. I screamed all night long.  Was it the drugs or the comment thread? I’m a very fragile masturbator. Just be warned. I might snap and head out with my nunchucks.


Last night’s dreaming was an epic multi-layered horror flick that went on for hours… i can’t even begin to describe it. I started to try but gave up because of the complexity of the plot and multiple sub plots…. instead i’ll tell about my recurring dream where I have a huge dick and balls… like my female parts just swell up and stick out and I get all embarrassed but yet weirdly turned on…. and when I’m not turned on they shrink down to regular female parts….. so obvious I suppose…. does it mean (a) I want to fuck myself (b) I have been fucking myself over my whole life (c) i’m gay (d) I’m a victim of some sexual crime (e) I want to fuck the world or (f) all of the above…..

I feel I’m becoming unhinged.