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Ugggh….. a confusing one. There is my mattress and tapestry outside of a house in NYC, but there’s no room in the house for me so I sleep outside on the sidewalk with my tapestry hanging down blocking the street. It occurs to me that I have been lucky no one has accosted me in my sleep.  Inside the house there is a huge family, including my ex-husband’s family, and all I want is a cup of coffee…. searching and searching for the coffee. There’s also unlimited rodents and ruminants roaming freely throughout the house. And then there’s a giant aquarium with two cats mating in it.. I’m tapping on the glass madly so that they will stop before they drown… they’re down at the bottom of the tank and I want them to come up for air. They do but then they’re back at it again….down at the bottom of the tank.  Then there’s a whole crowd folks sitting around on the lawn… kind of a giant outdoor stadium type thing and this Asian woman and young girl approach Gary (the ex) and say “will you watch the baby for us?” Gary has no idea who these people are but they are dumping the screaming baby on him…..  he’s like “no! no! I’m not just taking your baby for the day… how do I know you will be back?” The lady is telling the baby “you stay with Gary…..” baby is screaming. I intervene and take the shrieking child who is in a box with wet bedding and filthy. I wash the bedding and try to clean the baby up… I’m going to save this baby!!!!!

Then there’s this guy crawling over me to get to the window, he’s wearing sweat pants but somehow his balls manage to dangle into my mouth…..  i am freaking out…  like he thinks I did it on purpose…. I’m trying to speak but no words will come out…. i’m just doing a muffled scream.. then an old gypsy lady brings me a bottle half  full of some green liquid and says i have to drink it cause the guy had a disease… I’m like “i didn’t have skin to skin contact” and she’s like “well it’s such a bad disease you should take the medicine anyway”… like it would permeate the sweatpants he had on regardless…  meanwhile there are rats, mice, hamsters , lambs , all varieties of rodents and ruminants…… just running all over the place……


This was my first attempt at chronicalling my dreams. I lifted it from an IM conversation with a friend. Red is me talking, black is him responding. It’s kinda lame but I have to start somewhere.

12/21/2007 09:51 AM: “I am online”

so it was the recurring dream where i’m back in high school and i already have my masters but they make me go back to take a math class i failed this dream has been on forever okay. but this morning i finally went to the office to check on my schedule because i never really went to class and there’s two days left of school so i figure i should find out where i was supposed to be all the time

I guess that makes sense.

and then i meet these great women in the office and we figure out it was just a joke – i never had to do it in the first place but they go back into the files and pull out all this stuff from the 70’s one being some papers i wrote and the girl says i’ll give you 50 dollars if you JUST DON”T READ IT DONT READ IT

So you read it, right. I would.

So i read it and it’s nothing that bad. I have to explain that it was the 70’s so it coulda been anything it wasn’t bad, i never got to finish reading it something about 60 phone calls

So weird.

then they start bringing out a ton of other stuff including a homemade music video that was kids doing hip hop in the school library

You found the combination to your psyche.

and i’m like “no way that’s from my high school cause the best we had was the Jackson Five” then a bunch of clothes, stuffed animals and an entire bar/buffet filled with cool stemware and then i had to watch the reenactment of how they foudn their favorite bus driver and from there the clues to my psyche started fading away but i became best friends with the office workers before i woke up although i did not get their names

Write it down in minute detail before you forget.

so obvious on so many levels

It should be, to you. To me? not so much.

stuck in high school, feeling things are undone, i’m a fake,

Go write it all down.

a cruel twist that i should become a teen librarian oh yeah it’s going on my blog


i’ll have to keep this im for reference so anyway i was going to stay up this morning after e.  got on the bus cause i was actually fairly well rested


but i thought hell if i can sleep another hour why not and now i’m drunk from the dream

That’s when all the strange dreams come. After you wake up and fall back asleep.

strange – ER? My dreams are always strange, epic Fellini-esque

I rarely dream.