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Last night I dreamed everyone was trying to kill me. I woke up screaming so loud my child was awakened from her bedroom down the hall and she had to get up to wake me up and assure me I was dreaming. Every time I returned to sleep, scared as shit, the dream picked right up again. I screamed all night long.  Was it the drugs or the comment thread? I’m a very fragile masturbator. Just be warned. I might snap and head out with my nunchucks.


The recurring High School Dream Resolved!

First the family part. Back home in SC for a visit. It went surprisingly well despite a few creepy things involving my dad, the rape of a black girl, etc. It went on an on… that was the nighttime part of the dream … but then i realized my dad was dead so ….. the morning part of the dream which resumed after a brief waking…..

At the end of my trip i was sitting around the table with my mom, sisters, and brother in law. It was time for me to leave and i started to cry … i apologized for the way i had acted in the past. “Jjust because you’re not west coast liberals doesn’t mean you’re not good people. I am not ashamed of you. I love you and i’m sorry. ” All was forgiven. But a football game was on so they all got up and left me at the table with my brother (not brother in law) who proceeded to torment me and i said “you… i will never want to talk to you, you will always be a pain in the ass to me and just leave me alone.”

On to school. I had to get to high school/college. My mom/sister/best friend was driving me cause i was going to be late. It was also goodbye to the family. Like the school was really back in Seattle or somewhere. Along the way we saw them taping a segment of American Idol but the competition was of some equestrians riding three horses around campus. Then some people with pets doing some choreographed ball chasing routine. But the pets (giant pets) were really just people dressed in dog and cat costumes and one was the Sandbag from Supersmash Brothers Brawl. I commented that it was really lame.

On to school. I get there and head to math. Then I realize it’s a new semester so I’m not in that class anymore. I go to the office and ask for my schedule. They give it to me and it’s all fluff courses like one titled “Cheesecake” which is a gym class for exercise directed at the thighs and buttocks. And a spiritual retreat. I’m like … there’s no math on here at all. All I needed was the math. I have a Master’s already. There’s this guy security guard type in the office and he takes me to where the grades from the last semester are posted. I am telling him why I’m even there.. just that one math credit. I have my Masters for christsakes….. He’s like “who told you you had to do this??” I couldn’t remember. I find the grade book and I am below the students with D’s, with no grade. I’m telling him I think I should just forget this . Who is ever going to know? I need to get on with my life. I need to quit hanging out with 15 year olds. I ask if he thinks I’m like that lady on Strangers With Candy. He agrees that it has all been a waste of time. Nobody is ever going to question if i passed high school math. I have my Master’s. (did I mention that???)

I wake up and realize I could not have received my diplomas from HS, Undergrad or Grad school if I didn’t have the passing grades and credits. This dream, ladies and gents, has finally been resolved!!!!!!! I hope.

UPDATE: duhhhhh… I just realized the “Cheesecake class and the Spiritual class were my subconscious telling me to do something about those two neglected areas of my life…….  that’s why you keep a dreamblog…..